a new song worth listening to

Okay, so breakdown on my thoughts about this video:

In the introduction the man is about to commit suicide. However, in the turn of events, he suddenly finds himself finding a purpose to live again when he sees a runaway bride trying to escape the grasps of her evil fiance. It’s scary to think that a simple gesture can dramatically turn someone’s life around like this moment here…

From what I’m getting, it seems to me that metaphorically, the bride in white is a representation of his guardian angel, trying to rescue him before her fiancee in black (aka Death) reaches them. Although both the guy and the bride were stuck in dark situations, it is through each other they find the happiness and love to live again. So, when Death comes back to kill them both, he ultimately fails because love can never die.

The subtle cues of this music video is genius, especially the sock. Love how the sock that was used to connect the hose to his car interior to commit suicide is the same one that the woman uses to cheer him up. It’s precious how one simple thing can be perceived/used for life or death, depending on what you hope it’s supposed to do.


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